PET-CH-04P 3D Embossed Acoustic Treatment Panels
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Product Spec

Model: PET-CH-04P

Size: 1200*2400mm

Thickness: 11mm

Wave Width:67mm

Material: 100% polyester fiber and 50% recycled

Eco-Friendly: E0

NRC: 0.75

Product Description


Polyester fiber Acoustic Panel is an ideal decorative and acoustic material,made of 100%polyester fiber.

The pattern formed by combining several modules can be varied in a virtually infinite number of ways. Sound-absorbing acoustic panels in hot-pressed,100% polyester,  You can use different colors, different perspectives, the perfect world mosaic. Natural Wave Beauty,  COLORBO are the premium solution to controlling reverberated noise. The Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel causes a revolution in our way of acoustic materials,


1.Excellent acoustic performance with the ability to target specific areas

2.Can be adjusted pre-install and post-install for design freedom

3.Easily specified and installed

3.Light-weight and easy to handle

4.100% polyester fiber and 50% recyceld

5.Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance

6.Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic

Packaging and Delivery

Quantity per carton:                                                   10pcs

Packing size per carton:                                              1250*2470*150mm

Packing weight per carton:                                         68kg

Delivery Time:                                                              5-7 days (50 - 500 Pieces) 



Option 1 : Glue


Option 2 : Nail


We are committed to the development, production and sales of all kinds of acoustic materials, providing total acoustic solutions and one-stop procurement of acoustic materials.

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