School Music Room Of Partition Decorative PET Screen
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School Music Room Of Partition Decorative PET Screen

Materials:100% Plyester fiber and 50% recycled

Model: PET-CBP-1912

Size: 2400*1200

Thickness: 12mm

Density: 2.3kg/sqm

Fire rating: B1

Eco-Friendly: E0

NRC: 0.45-0.75


Product Introduction


PET Screen Panel is made of 100% polyester fiber. It offers privacy and quiet in an open office environment. Designed for use in the face-to-face position on Series Screen, the innovative technology dampens sound and expands personal space. Many patterns and colors are available to meet different levels of acoustic styles and decorative requirements.

Installs in the face-to-face position on Series Double Desks, included Series Face-to-Face Clips simply install between desktops.

Feature a pinnable surface for family photos, inspiration, and to-do's.

The material and faceted surface offer sound-dampening qualities.

Mix panels of varying lengths on the desk run to create customized space division.

Products Features


1.Good Thermal Insulation Performance  polyester fiber acoustic panel

2.Inflaming Degree:B1

3.Tightness and  dimensional stability  wall panel

4.Very light in weight and easy to construction

5.The products have no formaldehyde and harmless to human. Repeated experiments show that

it is unallergic to skin and pollution-free to the environment.

6.Can secondary use and easy to destroy , no secondary pollution to the environment.

Packaging and Delivery

Quantity per carton:                                                     10pcs

Parcking szie per carton:                                              2450*1250*140mm

Parcking weight per carton:                                         68kg

Lead Time:                                                                    5-7 days (1 - 500 Pieces) 

                                                                                      To be negotiated ( > 500 Pieces)





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