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Wooden Sound Diffuser Panel Concert Hall Music

Code: KST-03

Size: 600*600mm

Thickness: 70mm

Base Material: Paulownia/ Pine/ Oak

Surface: Natural Wood with Painting

Fire rating: B1

Eco-Friendly: E0

NRC: 0.7-0.9


Products Introduction

Compared with the flat radiation plate, 3d sound diffuser can avoid sound focusing, and different planes are beneficial to the sound to diffuse out in different directions. Because when sound waves radiate in the same plane, all sounds will radiate in the same direction. But if the sound waves pass through the 3d sound diffuser, they will be reflected in different directions and have different phase differences.

The 3d sound diffuser can effectively prevent echo and will not have the effect of standing waves. At the same time, it can also be used to disperse the energy of sound waves. The sound effect is bright and the sound quality is greatly improved. The 3d sound diffuser cooperates with the surrounding sound-absorbing body to achieve a good acoustic effect.

Products Spec




Size :600*600mm

Thickness :112mm

Base material :Paulownia

Surface :Painting

Products Dispaly

Studio Treatment Panel Wooden Real Sound Acoustic WStudio Treatment Panel Wooden Real Sound Acoustic W (1)

Packaging and Delivery

Quantity per carton:                                                     10pcs

Parcking szie per carton:                                              650*650*750mm

Parcking weight per carton:                                         48kg

Lead Time:                                                                       5-10 days (1 - 500 Pieces) 

                                                                                         To be negotiated ( > 500 Pieces)





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