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How to choose a wood wool acoustic panel?

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, when people are decorating now, they have higher and higher requirements for decoration materials, not only paying attention to beauty but also paying attention to environmental protection. With its beautiful appearance and good sound absorption effect, the wood wool acoustic panel has become a Now that we have a product that everyone likes, how do people choose when they use this decoration material? What should I pay attention to when purchasing?

2022 11-28
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How to choose an Acoustic panel

Is the effect of the acoustic panel good? The main factor is that the material selected for the acoustic panel affects the effect, and the second is that the structure of the building will affect the effect of sound insulation. In particular, different installation designs will have a great impact on the actual effect of sound insulation. Therefore, we must pay attention when choosing an acoustic panel.

2022 12-01
We use market to drive design, design to improve technology

By combining of various materials to add audio absorption segments, from the material to finished products, from industrial to home decor, we use market to drive design, design to improve technology, and technology to lead production which try to lead to create a high-end model image in the acoustic

2021 09-02
We are committed to the development, production and sales of all kinds of acoustic materials, providing total acoustic solutions and one-stop procurement of acoustic materials.

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