Customized Design Wood Acoustic Panel with Fire Resistance
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Customized Design Wood Acoustic Panel with Fire Resistance

Code: G32

Size: 2400*133mm


Thickness: 15mm

Base Material: ECO MDF/ Pink MDF/ Black MDF/ MGO/ NF Golden Core

Surface: Melamine/ HPL/ Painting/ Veneer

Back material: Black Felt

Fire rating: A / B

Eco-Friendly: E0

NRC: 0.7-0.9


Products Introduction

1. Acoustic panel structure:

It use high density board to manufacture, paint finishes ,with holes on back side and use black acoustic tissue which has fire rated and sound-absorbing function.

2. Advantages:

It has attractive appearance, good decorative effects, stronger stereoscopic sense, easy installation 

features. Applies to both the decor and the warm wood required effect,but also reach the sound 

absorption requirements. The diffuser can be used to not only the sound of the room evenly, 

preventing echoes , and the standing wave effect howling, but also can improve the brightness of 

the sound. 

3. Absorption

QRD reflection is difference according to different woodiness and designs have different characteristic

of absorption ,we can design out according to the different requirements of customers provide

diffusion  system number and the absorption. 

Products Spec

3-32细节  Spec 1:

Model :G32-3-32

Size :2440*133mm/197mm

Thickness :15mm

Groove width :3mm 

Groove pitch :29mm

Base material :MGO

Surface :HPL


 Spec 2:

Model :G32-4-32

Size :2440*133mm/197mm

Thickness :15mm

Groove width :4mm 

Groove pitch :28mm

Base material :MGO

Surface :HPL

Base Material




Packaging and Delivery

Quantity per carton:                                                     10pcs

Parcking szie per carton:                                              2470*150*170mm

Parcking weight per carton:                                         50kg

Lead Time:                                                                     5-10 days (1 - 500 Pieces) 

                                                                                       To be negotiated ( > 500 Pieces)





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