How to choose an Acoustic panel
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How to choose an Acoustic panel

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Is the effect of the acoustic panel good? The main factor is that the material selected for the acoustic panel affects the effect, and the second is that the structure of the building will affect the effect of sound insulation. In particular, different installation designs will have a great impact on the actual effect of sound insulation. Therefore, we must pay attention when choosing an acoustic panel.

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  • View the Acoustic panel inspection report

  • View Acoustic panel performance

View the Acoustic panel inspection report

Select the acoustic panel, the most important thing is to see whether the acoustic panel has a test report. Any panel(material) can be called an acoustic panel (material), but the sound insulation effect of various materials(panels) is very different. When you buy an acoustic panel, you have no way to distinguish its performance, you must wait for the end of construction. Only then can you feel its sound insulation effect. If the sound insulation effect is not good after the construction is completed, a lot of money, time and energy have been wasted. Therefore, when choosing an acoustic panel, be sure to check whether the acoustic panel has a test report from an authoritative laboratory. In domestic sound insulation testing, it is necessary to verify the testing qualifications of the testing party, and at least have two testing institutions and laboratories authorized by China Metrology Certification CMA and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS authorized to use the ilac-MRA logo at the same time) to be authoritative. China Building Materials Testing Center, Tsinghua University Building Environment Testing Center, and Tongji University Institute of Acoustics are relatively authoritative in the field of testing, but the Institute of Acoustics of Tongji University does not have CMA and CNAS qualifications, and its reports are often falsified by unscrupulous merchants. Consumers are required to judge carefully.

If the acoustic panel (material) you will buy does not have an authoritative test report, but a principled product description, the purchase risk is relatively high.

View Acoustic panel performance

There are many products called acoustic panels on the market now, but many of them are ordinary materials to achieve the desired effect, the sound insulation effect will be achieved by thickness and weight. Generally speaking, a good acoustic panel is not only thin but very light. When purchasing an acoustic panel, not only should we pay attention to the sound insulation effect, but also the character of the product cannot be ignored. The better sound-absorbing panels are processed through a special process. The products not only have good sound insulation performance but also have a certain bearing capacity and fireproof and waterproof performance. The functions are relatively complete, so as not to cause various problems during use. The problem, this is also the place that needs to be paid attention to when purchasing. You can judge the quality of the product by testing the water absorption rate and tapping the board.

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