PET-DS-23D Good Service Carton Packed Board Desk Screen
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PET-DS-23D Good Service Carton Packed Board Desk Screen

Model: PET-DS-23D

Size: 600*380*30Rmm

Thickness: 12mm

Material: 100% polyester fiber and 50% recycled

Fire rating: B1

Eco-Friendly: E0

NRC: 0.75-0.9



摆放式屏风效果图 - 副本

Products Spec


Material100% polyester fiber and 50% recycled
ApplicationDesk screen
PackageIn carton

Product Description


Polyester fiber desk screens are suitable for offices,Noise can be reduced in the office and give your employees a quiet office environment .Product soft,,environmental protection. Different sizes allow for different privacy requirements,It can be used to decorate the office  and have good adornment effect
Colorbo polyester fiber board is an ideal decorative and acoustic material, made of 100% polyester fiber.  Colorbo polyester fiber board has good performance: eco-friendly, fire-resistance, heat insulation, moisture-proof and mildew. Many patterns and colors are available to meet different levels of acoustic styles and decorative requirements.

1.Excellent acoustic performance with the ability to target specific areas
2.Can be adjusted pre-install and post-install for design freedom
3.Easily specified and installed
3.Light-weight and easy to handle
4.100% polyester fiber
5.Highly durable providing long-term stability and performance
6.Safe, non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic

Packaging and Delivery

Quantity per carton:                                                 10pcs

Packing size per carton:                                            620*400*130mm

Packing weight per carton:                                        6kg

Delivery Time:                                                             5-7 days (50 - 500 Pieces)                                                             

We are committed to the development, production and sales of all kinds of acoustic materials, providing total acoustic solutions and one-stop procurement of acoustic materials.

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